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This manual documents the high-level interface to the CLIPS system provided by the PyCLIPS module. This module allows the creation of a fully-functional CLIPS environment in a Python session, thus providing access to a well-known expert systems shell programmatically.

PyCLIPS incorporates most of the API bindings documented in the Clips Reference Guide Vol. II: Advanced Programming Guide (freely downloadable from the CLIPS web site, see below) and embeds these bindings in an Object Oriented layer, incorporating most CLIPS constructs into Python classes. Instances of these classes allow access to the status and functionality of the corresponding CLIPS objects.

Note: This manual is not intended to be a documentation of CLIPS itself. CLIPS is extensively documented in several manuals, which are available on the CLIPS website (see below). A comprehensive tutorial for CLIPS can also be downloaded. A reasonable knowledge of the CLIPS system is necessary to understand and use this module.

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